Why Luxholic.HK Limited?


We simplify the whole consignment process for you. You need not to worry about the latent problems that may occur during consignment. From authentication to money transaction, we help you with all the troublesome and time-consuming tasks. You simply need to hand your item(s) to us and wait for further notice. We handle each transaction with care so as to prevent any kind of fraud. As we know, there is quite a number of counterfeits in the market. Our team is dedicated to identifying counterfeits and we make sure every item we sell is authentic.

Luxholic.HK Limited values our customers’ privacy. Therefore, your personal information will not be revealed to the buyer. We have built a stable customer base in the past years. At the same time, we provide various sales channels. As a result, finding suitable customers will no long be your worry. Our sales channels include various social media platforms and our official website. We make sure that your item is able to reach the largest number of customers.

We guarantee that each listed item for sale is authentic and each transaction will only be carried out under customers’ consensus.